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Worm blood is a runny yellow-green liquid that can be obtained by attacking most worms. Drinking the liquid will grant Wormy vision and a bright purple vignette-like effect, but it has no stain effect of its own.

Wormy vision is one of the few ways of seeing in the Dark Cave, Magical Temple, and other dark areas.


  • Worm Blood can be used to clear other stains like most fluids, however it does this while granting no stain of its own, this is useful if you have the Invisibility and/or Stainless Armor perk(s) as you can effectively bottle it and use it as water without having to make yourself wet.
  • The Wiggling Egg in the Giant Tree is a readily-available source of Worm Blood, and can be used to gain the necessary visibility in the Dark Cave early on.
  • You can use Chainsaw or other Slice spells to get a lot of extra worm blood from a worm's corpse.


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
20 Freezing Liquid + Worm Blood Worm Blood + Worm Blood
100 Toxic Sludge + Worm Blood + Weird Fungus Void Liquid + Void Liquid
15 Worm Pheromone + Worm Blood Flummoxium + Flummoxium