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Whiskey is an uncommon highly flammable liquid material. Being stained with it causes the drunk effect, worsening your aim (gives you a "bonus" to the Spread attribute for the duration). It will not inherently make you more flammable, but it does tend to overwrite the beneficial water stain which lowers the flame protection that provides. Burning whiskey is consumed extremely quickly, whole pools vanishing in seconds at the touch of a flame.

Whiskey will slowly but steadily evaporate into Whiskey Fumes which can get stain the player and cause the same inaccuracy debuff as the ordinary Whiskey stain. The fumes are often difficult to see until they build up quite a bit, so at times it can seem as though simply being in the proximity of a pool of Whiskey can make the player drunk.

Mixing whiskey with frog meat makes Berserkium.


Drinking whiskey from a flask will cause a +30s drunk effect for every 10% consumed. Consuming more of it to increase the duration above 30s will cause screen blurring and, eventually, vomiting.

There is no difference other than amount consumed when drinking from the ground compared to a flask.


Whiskey is used in a specific secret location.


  • Can be rarely found in large vats or Kegs in the Mines. Kegs will not explode, instead they just leak streams of whiskey when shot.
  • Flasks on pedestals throughout the game, though seems to be a fairly rare spawn as well
  • Created by certain spells.

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