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The Weakening Curse spells are a group of modifiers that causes projectiles to inflict a status effect similar to Vulnerable caused by Turvattomuusmestari, making afflicted targets take x0.25 more damage from the respective type. Enemies afflicted with a curse will have an icon of the respective damage type above their heads.


  • Despite what the description says, the x0.25 bonus is additive, not multiplicative (i.e. an enemy with a x0.5 damage multiplier will take x0.75 damage with the curse, rather than x0.625).
  • Meaning that enemies with a x0 damage multiplier afflicted with the respective curse will take x0.25 damage, effectively ignoring immunities such as Kammolukki and Vakoilija.
  • Even have wider utility than Venomous Curse since Syväolento immune to latter.

Curse trick - Weakening exploit[]

You can exploit Turvattomuusmestari to modify your damage multiplier, effectively making various attack types heal you. However, Perk immunities will block this effect. The guides below, explain in more detail.

Explanation by Letaali

Guide by Fury Forged


Projectile Curse on a Magic Arrow. Note the increased damage after the first hit.