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The Weakening Curse spells are a group of modifiers that causes projectiles to inflict a status effect similar to Vulnerable caused by Turvattomuusmestari, making afflicted targets take x0.25 more damage from the respective type. Enemies afflicted with a curse will have an icon of the respective damage type above their heads.


  • Despite what the description says, the x0.25 bonus is additive, not multiplicative (i.e. an enemy with a x0.5 damage multiplier will take x0.75 damage with the curse, rather than x0.625). Meaning that enemies with a x0 damage multiplier afflicted with the respective curse will take x0.25 damage, effectively ignoring immunities.
  • Keep in mind that this only works on x0 multipliers, and enemies with negative multipliers such as Kammolukki and Vakoilija will simply recieve a reduced amount of healing.


Projectile Curse on a Magic Arrow. Note the increased damage after the first hit.