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Trail Spells
Rainbow Trail
Water Trail
Poison Trail
Oil Trail
Fire Trail
Acid Trail
Burning Trail
Gunpowder Trail
Projectile modifier spells that add a trail of a material to a projectile as it moves.

A spell modifier that causes projectiles to leave behind a trail of falling water as it flies.


  • Arguably the most useful trail spell as water is almost always very beneficial to the player. Exceptions include making so much you drown in it, or washing away beneficial stains (like Berserkium).
  • With the Breathless Perk, one strategy is to flood an entire biome using this modifier.
  • Synergizes well with all electrical effects, as long as you yourself have an immunity to electricity via a perk.
  • Attach this to a wand to provide easy and readily available protection against being on fire or soaked in Toxic Sludge.
  • As all trails leave behind material over time, a faster projectile spell may be more useful to prevent flooding (unless that is what you want, in which case you should use a slower one).

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