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A liquid Material. Water flows and obeys the laws of gravity. It can be found in pools and tanks, as well as water barrels in biomes with the Hot biome modifier. Submerging yourself in water applies a stain effect which resists combustion. Proximity to fire will wear away the stain quickly instead of igniting the player, until the stain is gone, and the player can then be ignited. You will float in water if no keys are pressed, and will suffocate if submerged for too long.

Players often begin a new game with a full flask of water or a similar liquid or powder (e.g., Swamp, Brine, Mud). Defensively, this can wash away unwanted stain effects by spraying on yourself or creating a pool in the environment to submerge yourself. It is particularly helpful in dealing with Fire and Toxic Sludge, neutralizing it. Water will also quickly kill the Stendari.

Drinking water is harmless in itself, but will increase your Satiation level. If your satiation level is too high you will start to be slower, take damage, and beyond that, even explode.

Material Interactions[]

  • When in direct contact with Lava, water will form Rock. This can be utilized to safely traverse pools of lava, though the rock will gradually melt back into lava.
  • Water in cold biomes will have a layer of Chilly Water on top of it, which freezes on contact with ice.
  • Brine can be made by mixing salt with water.
  • When in contact with Fire, water can form Steam.
  • When added to any amount of Toxic Sludge, water will convert the sludge into ordinary water.
  • In Hot biomes, water exposed to the air gradually evaporates into Steam,
  • When in contact with Concentrated Mana, it changes into more Concentrated Mana.


Prior to "The Feast" patch in late April, 2020, there was no limit as to how much liquid you could consume, resulting in players routinely draining the Dark Cave and other locations of water for safer travel by simply drinking it all.

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