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A spell that summons the wizarding equivalent of a proximity mine, exploding when a creature comes close (including you).

Also appears in the Trigger variety. Unlike other trigger spells which cast another spell on contact with terrain or an enemy, Unstable Crystal with Trigger casts a spell upon the destruction of the crystal.


  • Enemies killed by this explosion count as "trick kills".
  • Being an explosion effect, this spell will cause heavy damage to mechanical enemies, completely ignoring any shields.
  • Being stained with Berserkium may cause the crystal to trigger immediately as you launch it (considering you an enemy target), unless modified to be deposited at range.
  • You can combine this spell with a trail effect (Like Water Trail) to make a fountain.
  • Use Dormant Crystal to increase the explosive potential of a trap laid with this spell.
  • Has a powerful synergy with the Homing Shots perk, but tends to overshoot when launched directly at the target.


Detonation of a placed crystal

Showcasing effects of the spell

Watch your step