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This page or section includes possible gameplay spoilers or secrets. Tread carefully.

The Forgotten (in-game name Unohdettu) is a boss found in the Forgotten Cave, west of the Snowy Chasm. It moves in unpredictable ways, which combined with the nearby enemies, makes for a chaotic fight.


The Ghost will stay in the middle of the arena until the player approaches, at which point, the fight begins. The being will move towards the player, while constantly launching Häive from its mouth, which explode dealing high damage when close. In addition, when inside of the boss's body you will take very high curse damage per second.
The Forgotten and Fade cannot be damaged, and shoots 4 rotating Plasma-Beam like projectiles unless a Paha Silmä is close. This means that in order to kill the boss, the item must be strategically placed in a spot where it's safe and in range. Despite all of this, the real danger comes from the surrounding enemies. The Ghost Stone in the center, summoning illusions of dangerous creatures that cannot be damaged, and the two Regeneration Crystals to the side, healing and granting invincibility.

On death, it will fade into a white cloud of particles, as the full health regeneration and Sun Seed fall on the ground

Combat Tips[]

  • Due to its resistances, spells that deal both high explosion and electricity damage (such as Lightning Bolt, Ball Lightning or Thunder Charge) are best fit for this fight.
  • Make sure to rid of the crystals and nearby enemies as quickly as you can. If left alone, they make the fight much harder.
  • Remember to keep a safe distance away, to avoid taking high curse damage, and have time to destroy the Fades.
  • Take caution when using matter destroying spells as they may destroy the Paha Silmä while it is on the ground.


Revealing the Ghost by holding a Paha Silmä

Quickly killing the Ghost by using a Spells to Power Spark Bolt