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The Thunder Creep (ingame name Ukkoshyypiö) is a ghostly enemy, mainly found floating around The Tower and the Cloudscape. It possesses no attacks of its own, but is constantly surrounded by an always-active Projectile Thunder Field. Like the Hyypiö and Hohtava hyypiö, it will chase the player relentlessly until killed or blocked by terrain.


Because this creature is entirely non-aggressive, it will never attack the player. The real danger comes from its innate Thunder Field that constantly surrounds it. Upon being attacked by a projectile from afar, it will reflect it back as a Lightning Bolt. If shot from within the circle, the lightning will strike out from it instead, away from the player. This can be beneficially exploited by the player as a potentially cheap and rapid way to produce lightning bolts, albeit *only* lightning bolts. The usual considerations and risks of using lightning spells still apply, so use carefully.

Combat Tips[]

The Ukkoshyypiö's unique properties require a less conventional approach to defeating it.

  • The most reliable and effective way is to attack it from within the Projectile Thunder Field itself, as only spells that cross the Projectile Thunder Field border will be turned into lightning.
  • You can also kick it, but with your foot's low damage output you'd be at it for quite a while. The Never Skip Leg Day perk makes this a much more viable option.
  • You can suffocate it by drowning it in a powdery substance or terrain.
  • Explosive spells will also work, as long as the projectile is detonated outside of the influence of the thunder field and the explosion is large enough to reach.
  • Dropping/kicking physics entities like rocks, tablets or barrels at it will quickly finish it, and may be the safest option if no other means are available.
  • It is immune to its own lightning, and highly resistant to the explosions from it.
  • The Paha Silma is able to slowly kill it through its shield without any backlash.

If you lack the means to kill it, however, the safest option is to keep your distance as much as possible.