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The Safety Drone (In-Game name Turvalennokki) is an enemy that spawns only in the Frozen Vault, The Tower, and Power Plant initially, with additional spawn locations being available in New Game Plus and a few more again in NG++. It is an extremely sturdy enemy that possesses three layers of purple shields as well as one regular light-blue shield, and grants all nearby enemies the Protection from All status effect for 1 2/3 seconds (100 frames) at a time, similar to the Kadotettu alkemisti. The protection effect will be reapplied continually, as long as the enemy is in range of the safety drone's protection aura.

Behaviour & Combat[]

Turvalennokki is a very high priority target; as long as it remains alive, any enemy nearby is completely invulnerable, very similar to the effects granted by being stained with Ambrosia. Its many layers of shielding make it difficult to attack directly, but its body is relatively flimsy in comparison to the typically more sturdy enemies around it.

Physics objects like rocks, propane tanks, or tablets will penetrate the many layers of shielding and quickly dispatch it. If nothing sturdy is on hand or can be easily kicked into it, a reasonably fast machine gun wand should be able to penetrate the shielding with sustained fire. In addition, they can be attacked from inside their shield, though this may damage the player and light them on fire when the drone explodes.

Since it has no offensive capabilities of its own, once the thick shields are disrupted, it can be quickly defeated.

Encountering two of these enemies together makes them both invulnerable.