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The Tentacler (in-game name Turso) is a large, flying enemy resembling a pink octopus.


Flies slowly towards the player. Will pursue the player from a decent distance.

Has two attacks:

  • Tentacle whip: Sends a tentacle out a decent distance, similar to the Jättikonna's tongue attack. Also shares the property of being a "ranged" melee attack.
  • Freeze Field: Will produce a freeze field if enemies get too close. Will induce the Frozen Status Effect.

The combination of freezing and melee attacks means that getting too close will likely end the player's current run.

Will briefly lose flight capabilities when taking moderate amounts of damage.

Combat Tips[]

  • Stay out of range of its tentacle attack and freeze ability.
  • Unless you have a hard-hitting wand, you may find yourself backpedaling a good distance.
    • Don't get tunnel vision when backing up while fighting it; its low speed should allow the player to take care of other enemies or even dig a way out with an appropriate wand.
  • Its size means that the player can escape into a narrow tunnel and allow it to wander away before resuming the fight.
  • The Melee Immunity Perk will negate their damage, even if you're frozen.


  • Turso's name is in reference to a creature in Finnish mythology, Iku-Turso. It was described as a rather vague, if immensely large and powerful sea monster.

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