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The Necrobot (in-game name Tuonelankone) is an enemy.


Upon seeing the player, Necrobots will fire an accelerating skull-shaped projectile in the player's direction, inflicting minimal damage. Much like one of its deadlier cousins, it comes equipped with a forward-facing shield. Much like other robotic enemies in general, it bleeds Oil and can withstand quite a few hits before being downed due to its high defense.

When an enemy is killed in the presence of a Necrobot, a green skull icon will appear in the exact position where the enemy was killed, and after an indeterminate amount of time (up to three seconds), that enemy will be revived. This can be done an infinite amount of times - the only way to kill the enemy for good is to destroy the Necrobot reviving the enemy.

Necrobot can pick up and use wands.

Necrobots aren't found anywhere in the game except the Frozen Vault, The Tower , and Power Plant.