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Trick Blood Money is a passive Perk which causes any enemy killed via indirect means to drop Bloody Gold Nuggets. Collecting this "blood money" will heal the player by a small amount, depending on the value of the nugget.


The exact amount of healing depends on the value of the collected nugget. These values are not affected by the Greed perk.

Nugget Value Amount Healed
10 Gold nugget.png
2 ♥
50 Gold nugget.png
5 ♥
200 Gold nugget.png
7.5 ♥
1,000 Gold nugget.png
7.5 ♥
10,000 Gold nugget.png
7.5 ♥

Trick Kills[]

Known methods of achieving trick kills include:


  • Trick Greed increases the number of bloody gold nuggets dropped, and can be stacked to further increase the amount of nuggets dropped.
  • Gold is Forever prevents the blood nuggets from disappearing, so they can be left to be collected later for healing.