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Transmutation Spells
Blood To Acid
Chaotic Transmutation
Ground To Sand
Lava To Blood
Liquid Detonation
Toxic Sludge To Acid
Water To Poison
Spell modifiers that cause projectiles to transmute nearby materials.

This projectile modifier spell causes affected projectiles to transmute toxic sludge into acid in a moderate radius around them as they travel.


  • You will essentially be turning a dangerous substance into a more dangerous but short-lived substance, so take care when using this spell.
  • Is very effective for opening paths and removing hazards when used in The Vault due to the frequent vats of toxic sludge found there.
  • If acid is desired (typically for terrain destruction), then Acid Trail will be a more reliable way of producing it. This spell is thus more suited to removing hazardous toxic sludge.
  • Makes extremely powerful digging tool when paired with Toxic Mist.