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The Hiisi Leader (in-game name Toimari) is a Hiisi enemy that will fly and wields a large gun that shoots a sort of upgraded firebolt, which deals more damage and is less affected by gravity than the Kranuhiisi's projectile.


They are larger than their counterparts and wear a strange headdress-like object, though this could just be the shape of their head.

If you see one, prepare your area-affect spells, because Kranuhiisi congregate around them. Additionally, it will spawn more of those when damaged.

Combat Tips[]

  • It will spawn a total of 6 Kranuhiisi at set health intervals.
    • It doesn't matter if you do short bursts of damage or kill the Toimari in a single hit. The reinforcements will spawn even if the attack that spawns them kills the Toimari.
  • If you aren't well equipped to take the Hiisi Chief out quickly it may be advised to avoid attacking it altogether and simply running away.
  • The Toimari's corpse may protect any subsequently spawned Kranuhiisi from your projectiles, so be careful when attempting to gather gold or attacking remaining enemies, as the spawns might take you on in melee combat or move out of cover and shoot at you.


  • Toimari is a finnish slang word for chief executive officer