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A spell that calls forth a slow ball of electricity and flings it forward in a straight line. When hitting a creature or solid object, it will explode for extreme damage in a large radius. This attack is identical to the one used by Ukko.

After the spell explodes, parts of the terrain near and above the explosion will erode and drip a powder version (that obeys gravity) of the material it came from. It will retain the exact same material properties in other respects.


  • The damage potential of this spell is not to be underestimated. Take extreme care when firing it as it can very easily kill you if you don't have the Immunity to Electricity perk (and preferably the Immunity to Explosions perk as well).
  • Liquids and steel conduct electricity, causing this spell to potentially shock enemies indirectly (or an unprepared player).
  • Due to the powder-creating effect of the explosion, you can use this spell to slowly scrape away from below at undiggable materials like Steel, or the brickwork of Holy Mountain. However, be aware that despite being turned into powder these materials retain their hardness, and so the powder can block passages it falls into.
  • Wands that contain electric-based spells such as this one in one of their slots will also impart the Electric Torch effect, so care must be taken around conductive material.


Showing an alchemist how electricity works

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