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This page contains spoilers for hidden content. Tread with care.

The End of Everything is a spell found inside a steel chest within the Robotic Egg. For details on finding/unlocking it, see Broken Spell and Summon Portal. Once it is unlocked, it can additionally spawn in The Work (Sky), The Work (Hell), the hidden eye room reachable from the Hiisi Base, and randomly from Chest drops. The spell itself bears the alchemical symbol for the philosopher's stone.

Upon being cast, it will summon a series of 13 chaotic and destructive effects, titled by one of the possible names of the Sampo. The corresponding name will be displayed on-screen as each effect is invoked. The final effect will reward the player with a Great Treasure Chest that may contain rare Materials and Items as well as multiple Extra Max Health pickups.

List of Spell Effects[]

Name Effect
The Salt Removes all solids in a circular area around the point it was cast.
Our Matter Creates an expanding circle of lava above the point it was cast.
Hermes Bird Creates multiple propane tanks around the player, which detonate after few moments.
White Eagle Casts Pinpoint of Light multiple times in a hexagonal formation around the player.
Green Lion Casts Circle of Acid above the player.
Red Lion Casts Meteorisade, sending multiple Meteors at the player.
Celestial Ruby Casts multiple pink homing projectiles in an up/down/left/right formation around the player, which will polymorph the player on contact.
Magnesia Casts multiple Large Magic Missiles in a hexagonal formation around the player.
The Vessel of the Philosophers Creates multiple phantom wands that shoot quick purple lasers at the player.
Our Blessed Stone Turns all nearby creatures into a Stevari.
Magnum Opus Creates multiple giant worms mid air, similar to Matosade without its Remove Ground effect, and those matos drop extra max health.
Philosopher's Stone Creates multiple gold nuggets and flasks containing random liquids randomly around the player.
Sampo Casts multiple Nukes in an up/down/left/right formation in random locations around the player.
True Knowledge Spawns a Great treasure chest near the player.