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Teleportitis is a defensive Perk that causes you to teleport to a nearby location whenever you take damage. All instances of damage will trigger this effect, including damage that is blocked. Much like using Teleportatium, the direction of the teleport is influenced to some degree by the direction of the player's aiming reticule.


  • The effect functions similarly to a single sip of Teleportatium, where the direction the player is looking influences where the teleport will target.
  • Very dangerous, as it can teleport you into harmful liquids or gases, such as lava, acid, or freezing vapour.
  • Can be very useful for speedruns, as it allows you effectively unlimited teleports, provided you're very careful about where you're aiming when you take damage.
  • Combine with a damage over time effect (such as: the stain from Poison or Toxic Sludge, setting yourself on Fire) to get rapid, regular teleports.


  • Combines well defensively with Teleportitis Dodge, allowing you to avoid teleporting too far when only a few enemies are firing at you, but escape to a different location entirely as soon as they land a hit.
  • Slime Blood confers projectile resistance, adding to this perk's damage reduction.
  • The Revenge perks (Revenge Tentacle, Revenge Bullet, Revenge Explosion) also confer additional resistances, but their revenge effect is somewhat less useful with the player teleporting around.


  • Possibly a reference to the intrinsic/extrinsic in NetHack.

Possible Problem[]

  • There is a chance to get transported to next location, meaning you will skip one visit in Holy Mountain.