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Teleport Spells
Homebringer Teleport Bolt
Teleport Bolt
Small Teleport Bolt
Projectiles spells that involve relocation, affecting either the caster, a target, or both.

A spell that fires a white projectile that after a set distance teleports the caster to its location, provided that a suitable vacant space exists in the vicinity. If the space is too small, or the nearest valid space is too far away, the teleport fails. Comes in two variants: Normal and Small, differing mainly in distance and speed.

The projectile itself deals no damage to enemies, but, rather surprisingly, can damage and destroy fragile objects such as lanterns as well as crack ice.


  • This spell can greatly improve your rate of travel while exploring, especially above ground.
  • It also increases your mobility greatly if used well to help with avoiding projectiles, enemies, and other hazards.
  • You can boost the distance teleported with Speed Up, Increase Duration, Accelerating Shot, and, for open spaces, even timer spells.
  • Long-Distance Cast can allow the user to teleport through some walls.
  • Luminous Drill With Timer can achieve a similar feat, provided that the wall is soft enough for the drill to cut through the wall before the Teleport Spell is cast on the other side.
  • This spell needs a clear line-of-sight between you and its final location. If a wall is in its path, you will only teleport as far as the obstruction.


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