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The Miner Hiisi (in-game name Tappurahiisi) is a Hiisi that throws dynamite sticks that can destroy terrain, start fires, activate other explosives, and deal moderate damage to the player if they explode close enough.

The Weak Hiisi Miner (in-game name Tappurahiisiläinen) is a weaker version that appears in the Mines and the Coal Pits.

The Hiisi Chef (in-game name Kokkihiisi) is rare variant that can only spawn if the Hiisi Base's Kitchen is present, or from Chaotic Polymorphine. It is dressed as a chef, and throws sausages instead of dynamite. The amount of sausages is limited, and after running out it will only be able to perform a short ranged melee attack


Attacks at range by throwing dynamite at its target. If in melee range it will instead hit its target with the dynamite in its hand.

The Tappurahiisi follows the same AI as the rest of the Hiisi and will attack other enemies if provoked. This Hiisi variant is particularly troublesome as it may end up destroying or burning resources that the player would like to reach first, such as breaking flasks or blowing up treasure chests.

Their dynamite only explodes after a set amount of time; it does not explode on contact with the player or terrain and does not collide with the player or other entities. Players may find that moving towards the Tappurahiisi is the best option to dodge one of their attacks as the dynamite will overshoot them. Take care not to get too close as their melee attack also deals a decent amount of damage.

It's attack deals a lot of damage at once should the player be in the center of the blast, but more often than not, it tends to miss the player. The small explosion radius combined with a very low rate of fire makes this an enemy on the easier side of the spectrum, but they could still pose a threat to an inexperienced player.

Combat Tips[]

  • As soon as it sees you, it will throw dynamite in your direction. Unless you are in a closed space, just fly a bit to dodge the attack and spam one of your wands on it.
  • Take care not to get too close as their melee attack also deals a decent amount of damage.
  • The dynamite can be deflected by the player's own projectiles, offering another option to counter them.
    • The dynamite can also be kicked, though due to the unpredictable throwing arc and the short fuse, this is not a common opportunity or safe to attempt.
  • Players may deliberately keep the Tappurahiisi alive and kite its explosions to their advantage, typically to damage or open up terrain.
    • There are very few fire particles in the explosion, so it may take a few tries to ignite your target (though by then whatever you're trying to burn may be gone already).
  • Making the Tappurahiisi kill itself or other enemies does not count as an accidental kill and will award the standard amount of gold.
  • It has an 80% resistance to explosion damage.


  • Weak Hiisi Miners tend to randomly throw dynamite even when you're not there.


A Hiisi Chef