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"I suggest a standardized format for enemy pages with basic info, infobox, gameplay/tactic information and trivia at least" - MurderousFool (talk) 19:09, 30 September 2019 (UTC)


Extracted from data/translations/common.csv

  • animal_player,Minä,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_boss_centipede,Kolmisilmä,Kolmisilmä,Três-olhos,El ser de tres ojos,Dreiauge,Trois yeux,三眼,三つ目,콜미실마,,,Animal names (animal_) are in finnish. Should not be translated,
  • animal_boss_centipede_minion,Kolmisilmän apuri,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_boss_limbs,Kolmisilmän koipi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_boss_dragon_endcrystal,Mato,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_lukki,Hämähäkki,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_lukki_creepy,Kasvoton Hämähäkki,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_lukki_creepy_long,Kasvoton Lukki,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_lukki_longleg,Lukki,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_acidshooter,Happonuljaska,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_alchemist,Alkemisti,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_ant,Murkku,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_assassin,Salamurhaajarobotti,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_barfer,Turvonnu velho,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_bat,Lepakko,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_bigbat,Suurlepakko,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_bigfirebug,Suurtulikärpänen,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_bigzombie,Mätänevä ruumis,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_bigzombiehead,Mätänevä pää,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_bigzombietorso,Mätänevä kroppa,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_blob,Kiukkumöykky,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_bloodcrystal_physics,Verikristalli,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_bloom,Puska,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_boss_dragon,Suomuhauki,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_chest_mimic,Matkija,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_crystal_physics,Kirottu kristalli,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_darkghost,Haamu,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_deer,Nelikoipi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_drone,Lennokki,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_drone_physics,Lennokki,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_duck,Ankka,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_eel,Nahkiainen,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_elk,Poro,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_firebug,Pikkutulikärpänen,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_firemage,Eldari,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_firemage_weak,Stendari,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_fireskull,Liekkiö,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_fish,Eväkäs,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_fish_large,Suureväkäs,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_flamer,Liekkari,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_fly,Amppari,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_frog,Konna,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_fungus,Laahustussieni,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_gazer,Helvetinkatse,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_ghost,Houre,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_ghoul,Sylkyri,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_giant,Hiidenkivi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_giantshooter,Äitinuljaska,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_healerdrone_physics,Korjausdrone,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_icer,Jäähdytyslaite,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_iceskull,Jäätiö,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_lasershooter,Mulkkio,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_longleg,Hämis,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_slimeshooter,Limanuljaska,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_slimeshooter_boss_limbs,Äitilimanuljaska,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_maggot,Toukka,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_mimic_physics,Matkija,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_miner,Tappurahiisi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_miner_weak,Tappurahiisiläinen,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_miner_fire,Tulihiisi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_miner_santa,Jouluhiisi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_mine_scavenger,Miina,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_miniblob,Möykky,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_missilecrab,Heinäsirkka,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_necromancer,Stevari,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_pebble,Lohkare,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_pebble_player,Toveri lohkare,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_phantom_a,Spiraalikalma,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_phantom_b,Kiukkukalma,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_playerghost,Kummitus,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_rat,Rotta,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_roboguard,Robottikyttä,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_scavenger_clusterbomb,Isohiisi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_scavenger_grenade,Kranuhiisi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_scavenger_heal,Parantajahiisi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_scavenger_leader,Toimari,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_scavenger_mine,Miinankylväjä,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_scavenger_poison,Myrkkyhiisi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_scavenger_smg,Rynkkyhiisi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_scorpion,Skorpioni,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_sheep,Lammas,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_sheep_bat,Lentolammas,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_sheep_fly,Suhiseva lammas,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_shooterflower,Plasmakukka,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_shotgunner_weak,Heikko haulikkohiisi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_shotgunner,Haulikkohiisi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_skullfly,Kallokärpänen,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_skullrat,Kallorotta,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_sniper,Snipuhiisi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_spitmonster,Helvetin sylkijä,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_statue_physics,Patsas,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_tank,KK-Tankki,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_tank_rocket,IT-Tankki,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_tentacler,Turso,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_tentacler_small,Pikkuturso,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_thundermage,Ukko,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_turret,Torjuntalaite,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_wand_ghost,Taikasauva,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_wizard_dark,Sokaisunmestari,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_wizard_poly,Muodonmuutosmestari,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_wizard_tele,Siirtäjämestari,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_wolf,Susi,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_worm,Mato,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_worm_big,Jättimato,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_worm_end,Helvetinmato,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_worm_skull,Kalmamato,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_worm_tiny,Pikkumato,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_zombie_weak,Heikkohurtta,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,
  • animal_zombie,Hurtta,,,,,,,,,,,doesn't need to be translated,

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In Table form

ID Finnish ?? Portuguese Spanish German French Chinese Japanese Korean Comment
animal_player Minä doesn't need to be translated
animal_boss_centipede Kolmisilmä Kolmisilmä Três-olhos El ser de tres ojos Dreiauge Trois yeux 三眼 三つ目 콜미실마 Animal names (animal_) are in finnish. Should not be translated
animal_boss_centipede_minion Kolmisilmän apuri doesn't need to be translated
animal_boss_limbs Kolmisilmän koipi doesn't need to be translated
animal_boss_dragon_endcrystal Mato doesn't need to be translated
animal_lukki Hämähäkki doesn't need to be translated
animal_lukki_creepy Kasvoton Hämähäkki doesn't need to be translated
animal_lukki_creepy_long Kasvoton Lukki doesn't need to be translated
animal_lukki_longleg Lukki doesn't need to be translated
animal_acidshooter Happonuljaska doesn't need to be translated
animal_alchemist Alkemisti doesn't need to be translated
animal_ant Murkku doesn't need to be translated
animal_assassin Salamurhaajarobotti doesn't need to be translated
animal_barfer Turvonnu velho doesn't need to be translated
animal_bat Lepakko doesn't need to be translated
animal_bigbat Suurlepakko doesn't need to be translated
animal_bigfirebug Suurtulikärpänen doesn't need to be translated
animal_bigzombie Mätänevä ruumis doesn't need to be translated
animal_bigzombiehead Mätänevä pää doesn't need to be translated
animal_bigzombietorso Mätänevä kroppa doesn't need to be translated
animal_blob Kiukkumöykky doesn't need to be translated
animal_bloodcrystal_physics Verikristalli doesn't need to be translated
animal_bloom Puska doesn't need to be translated
animal_boss_dragon Suomuhauki doesn't need to be translated
animal_chest_mimic Matkija doesn't need to be translated
animal_crystal_physics Kirottu kristalli doesn't need to be translated
animal_darkghost Haamu doesn't need to be translated
animal_deer Nelikoipi doesn't need to be translated
animal_drone Lennokki doesn't need to be translated
animal_drone_physics Lennokki doesn't need to be translated
animal_duck Ankka doesn't need to be translated
animal_eel Nahkiainen doesn't need to be translated
animal_elk Poro doesn't need to be translated
animal_firebug Pikkutulikärpänen doesn't need to be translated
animal_firemage Eldari doesn't need to be translated
animal_firemage_weak Stendari doesn't need to be translated
animal_fireskull Liekkiö doesn't need to be translated
animal_fish Eväkäs doesn't need to be translated
animal_fish_large Suureväkäs doesn't need to be translated
animal_flamer Liekkari doesn't need to be translated
animal_fly Amppari doesn't need to be translated
animal_frog Konna doesn't need to be translated
animal_fungus Laahustussieni doesn't need to be translated
animal_gazer Helvetinkatse doesn't need to be translated
animal_ghost Houre doesn't need to be translated
animal_ghoul Sylkyri doesn't need to be translated
animal_giant Hiidenkivi doesn't need to be translated
animal_giantshooter Äitinuljaska doesn't need to be translated
animal_healerdrone_physics Korjausdrone doesn't need to be translated
animal_icer Jäähdytyslaite doesn't need to be translated
animal_iceskull Jäätiö doesn't need to be translated
animal_lasershooter Mulkkio doesn't need to be translated
animal_longleg Hämis doesn't need to be translated
animal_slimeshooter Limanuljaska doesn't need to be translated
animal_slimeshooter_boss_limbs Äitilimanuljaska doesn't need to be translated
animal_maggot Toukka doesn't need to be translated
animal_mimic_physics Matkija doesn't need to be translated
animal_miner Tappurahiisi doesn't need to be translated
animal_miner_weak Tappurahiisiläinen doesn't need to be translated
animal_miner_fire Tulihiisi doesn't need to be translated
animal_miner_santa Jouluhiisi doesn't need to be translated
animal_mine_scavenger Miina doesn't need to be translated
animal_miniblob Möykky doesn't need to be translated
animal_missilecrab Heinäsirkka doesn't need to be translated
animal_necromancer Stevari doesn't need to be translated
animal_pebble Lohkare doesn't need to be translated
animal_pebble_player Toveri lohkare doesn't need to be translated
animal_phantom_a Spiraalikalma doesn't need to be translated
animal_phantom_b Kiukkukalma doesn't need to be translated
animal_playerghost Kummitus doesn't need to be translated
animal_rat Rotta doesn't need to be translated
animal_roboguard Robottikyttä doesn't need to be translated
animal_scavenger_clusterbomb Isohiisi doesn't need to be translated
animal_scavenger_grenade Kranuhiisi doesn't need to be translated
animal_scavenger_heal Parantajahiisi doesn't need to be translated
animal_scavenger_leader Toimari doesn't need to be translated
animal_scavenger_mine Miinankylväjä doesn't need to be translated
animal_scavenger_poison Myrkkyhiisi doesn't need to be translated
animal_scavenger_smg Rynkkyhiisi doesn't need to be translated
animal_scorpion Skorpioni doesn't need to be translated
animal_sheep Lammas doesn't need to be translated
animal_sheep_bat Lentolammas doesn't need to be translated
animal_sheep_fly Suhiseva lammas doesn't need to be translated
animal_shooterflower Plasmakukka doesn't need to be translated
animal_shotgunner_weak Heikko haulikkohiisi doesn't need to be translated
animal_shotgunner Haulikkohiisi doesn't need to be translated
animal_skullfly Kallokärpänen doesn't need to be translated
animal_skullrat Kallorotta doesn't need to be translated
animal_sniper Snipuhiisi doesn't need to be translated
animal_spitmonster Helvetin sylkijä doesn't need to be translated
animal_statue_physics Patsas doesn't need to be translated
animal_tank KK-Tankki doesn't need to be translated
animal_tank_rocket IT-Tankki doesn't need to be translated
animal_tentacler Turso doesn't need to be translated
animal_tentacler_small Pikkuturso doesn't need to be translated
animal_thundermage Ukko doesn't need to be translated
animal_turret Torjuntalaite doesn't need to be translated
animal_wand_ghost Taikasauva doesn't need to be translated
animal_wizard_dark Sokaisunmestari doesn't need to be translated
animal_wizard_poly Muodonmuutosmestari doesn't need to be translated
animal_wizard_tele Siirtäjämestari doesn't need to be translated
animal_wolf Susi doesn't need to be translated
animal_worm Mato doesn't need to be translated
animal_worm_big Jättimato doesn't need to be translated
animal_worm_end Helvetinmato doesn't need to be translated
animal_worm_skull Kalmamato doesn't need to be translated
animal_worm_tiny Pikkumato doesn't need to be translated
animal_zombie_weak Heikkohurtta doesn't need to be translated
animal_zombie Hurtta doesn't need to be translated

I suggest using the english translations of the finnish creature names in brackets after the finnish name so that the creatures are easier to recognize for non-finns --Arthan the one (talk) 21:54, 30 September 2019 (UTC)

Tanks and Turrets[]

I think the KK-Tankki, IT-Tankki, and Turret should be move under Hiisi. They don't attack Hiisi, they spawn in the same locations, and they attack other enemies (Once I saw a KK-Tankki and several Hiisi gunners and bombers attack a Jattimato, or Large Worm) like Hiisi. Also I have sighted a new enemy, the Laser-Tankki. See if someone can add it. I could create an article on it but I can't figure out how to insert infoboxes. The laser tank is very dangerous and shoots magic bolts. At least, they look like magic bolts. 00:36, 26 October 2019 (UTC)

If nobody objects to this, I will do the move. I have already put the KK,IT,and Laser tankkis on the Hiisi page. Also, I think I          figured out how to do infoboxes. 02:58, 27 October 2019 (UTC)
 The Laser-Tankki has been added. People have 1 week, from now to the 3rd of November, to reply, agreeing, disagreeing, or other.
  • This has already been performed! :)

Strange player ghost sighted[]

I have discovered a strange enemy in the Mines. It was holding a blue wand and appered to be a ghost. It flew around and looked like  the player, but it was the same colour as the phantom enemies in the Pyramid and temples and had a white dot on where its face would be. It's wand shot Lightning bolts at me and I was slain in two shots. Clues to its name have not been found, because the lightning bolt is explosive so the  game said I had been killed by an explosion. It was also completely visible in darkness of the undiscovered areas.
   I have had a second sighting. This one was in the snowy depths, wielding a brass wand. The wand is not part of the creature and is normal looking, however the creature was holding it. As in, its sprite showed two thin arms grasping the wand's handle. I can add to the description that its legs trail backwards. This second ghost was using its wand to shoot chainsaws at an enemy offscreen. When it attacked me it floated towards me, and its chainsaws were on fire with the Firre Trail modifier 2/3 of the time. I shot it with Magic Bolts but they only dealt 6 damage each. This is odd because magic bolts normally deal 20 damage. The ghost pressed me up against the ceiling where I died from freezing vapor left behind from an Ice Skull. It was right next to me as I died. I died from freezing vapor so once again, no clues to its name have been found. Both of my sightings have been captured in the death GIF recorder, if anyone is interested. 08:11, 19 November 2019 (UTC)
    Another sighting! Again, in the Mines, attacking other creatures. Killed me quickly using a blue wand that shot chainsaws without any trails. In an earlier post, I stated it is visible in undiscovered areas. This is partially true. It is visible, but its wand is not in undiscovered areas. On the other hand, I saw flashes of light from the wand firing. When the ghost killed me it said I was simply killed by 'slice', quote marks included. No clues at all to what this creature may be. I have however, noticed that it is very hostile towards other creatures, like Hiisi, and I saw it killing a Toxic Slime with ease after deposing me. 08:25, 19 November 2019 (UTC)
i had a sighting in ancient lab under tree. i found him laying next too a similar form and on approach he woke up and started kicking enemies too death, if i hadnt had a god run going he mighta got me as he seems too have never skip leg day. however he was entirely missing a wand which suggests that the other sightings he had found one instead of simply spawning with a random one. strangely enough the body next too him did not move, and my digging wand (luminous drills and chainsaws) had 0 effect on him whatsoever (from LittleNekoTerra idk how too use this system lol)

edit: there are alot of these statues here. like everywhere, it seems too be a player trap gone awry

Defining Hiisi + interesting note on the Thunder Mage[]

This page has looked much cleaner with the addition of Hiisi having their own category. However, there may be concerns as to what defines a Hiisi. This is what I believe defines a Hiisi: 1. Will not attack creatures that are definitely Hiisi, like the Haulikkohiisi. 2. Will attack creatures that are not Hiisi, like Rottas. 3. Is humanoid in shape. 4. Has no natural weapons and uses manufactured weaponry. Most Hiisi use guns, the race as a whole uses robots, jetpacks, explosives, and in the case of the Fire Hiisi and Alchemist, flasks. As for the Thunder Mage note, I noted that a Thunder Mage is immune to electricity, but is not immune to the explosion caused by its projectile. Though probably not enough to kill it, the Thunder Mage aims at enemies next to it and may inadvertently damage itself.

Page overhaul[]

I think the enemies page should take on a format similar to something like the spells page. Enemies would be listed table-style, with columns for the appearance, health, HP, attack type and damage, locations, resistances etc. This would make the page a nice quick reference so users don't have to go to each enemy page individually. A real pezzo guy (talk) 08:48, 10 May 2020 (UTC)

Enemy Categorization[]

There are several enemies in the Enemies page that I believe are incorrectly classified. First of all, I propose that the Fire Spirit, Ice Spirit, Thunder Spirit, Rock Giant, and Rock Spirit should be moved to Elementals. Their corpses are devoid of magic and appear as regular skulls, except for the Rock Giant and Spirit. On top of this, it is quite clear that they have elemental powers quite unnatural compared to the other creatures in the Monsters category, which is mostly filled with animals.

Second, the Mage category should be removed and each sub-section under Mage should become its own category. This is because some of the enemies in Mage are not practitioners of magic. The Shapechanger, for example, is quite clearly a construct, not a creature wielding magic; it was made of magic. What sort of biological creature would not even have legs? The other creatures in this category are the Creeps. Their own pages describe them as "ghostly" and "apparitions" so they should be moved to the Ghosts section.

Third, the Shapechanger should be part of a new category: Constructs. Constructs are magical robots: inorganic, but also not robotic. For example, the Statue would be in this category, supported by its appearance near other magical enemies. The Glowing Mask would also be a construct, and so would the Magic Wand (the flying kind) and the Monk. The Monk appears from statues and additionally can drop the Broken Spell item, and also won't take damage from Concentrated Mana and lacking the typical damage resistances of robots. These properties should shunt it into Constructs.

Fourth, the Toad should be moved to Monsters. It is not related in any way to slimes. The Spitter should be moved to Slimes, it is an organic creature related to Toxic Slimes, and the Shadow Bubble should be moved from Slimes to Ghosts, being composed of shadow, not bleeding slime like most other Slimes, and dealing Curse damage instead of Toxic.

I will not perform this move; it is merely a suggestion. Rednax910 (talk) 09:20, 15 June 2021 (UTC)

Finally, the Tank enemies (Tank, Rocket Tank, Laser Tank) should be moved to Robots.

The sections are based on partially on the factions (as defined by the game code), and partially by logical grouping just to separate them out a bit. Many other ordering methods are possible, and all have pros/cons. Quiddity-wp (talk) 06:41, 15 June 2021 (UTC)
Ok, I understand. I agree, code-defined factions should go first, followed by logic. Thanks for the information. Rednax910 (talk) 09:20, 15 June 2021 (UTC)

The Leviathan's Hidden Power[]

While fighting the Syvaolento, or Leviathan, in the Lake, it demonstrated a curious ability. I was using a fast-firing Lightning wand with every immunity and Breathless. The lightning doesn't travel underwater, so I would hover over the Syvaolento's eye and fire. I did this again, and an area of the Syvaolento's body, in a shape roughly like a smaller body of itself with the eye in it, lit up, white. I then died instantly. I was using cheats, and had 20 stacks of the Shield perk, the projectile repulsor perk, the projectile eater perk, and over 1000 HP. This light-up didn't appear the first time I shocked the Syvaolento either, and my shields deflected the eye's projectiles. Does the Syvaolento have some sort of special damage type? (The damage type would have to be acid, lava (unlikely), curse, or midas, or something else). 05:08, 13 June 2021 (UTC)