Entrance name

For now I have called the entrance to the mines entrance. If you have a more fitting name please replace it because entrance isnt that great Bryyrt (talk) 20:18, 25 September 2019 (UTC)

Maps problem

There should be a "Maps" page that does't forward to the "Biomes" page. When a Noita player goes looking for maps on search engine, what shows up for the Noita wiki is "Biomes", and no clues about any maps. The maps are hidden away in the footer of the page. That's nonsense. Maps are ultra-important, and should be extremely easy to access, on their own page, with a description of each map, instructions for generating a map for your current seed, links to other sites with maps, and so on. I'm happy to take the time to make an account and do the changes, but not if it's just going to be reverted. Cheers. -- Why_I_Game

I've forked out 2 of the sections to Maps, but 'transcluded' (embedded) the page back into the original location so that people who are accustomed to it being here can still easily find it.
If you can improve upon that, or the details in either of these 2 pages, please do! Quiddity-wp (talk) 19:49, 14 May 2022 (UTC)

Biomes and their official names according to the translations File

ID English name
biome_boss_arena The Laboratory
biome_boss_victoryroom The Work
biome_coalmine mines
biome_coalmine_alt collapsed mines
biome_crypt Temple of the Art
biome_desert Desert
biome_dragoncave Dragoncave
biome_ending_placeholder Master Symbol Crypt
biome_excavationsite Coal Pits
biome_fungicave Fungal Caverns
biome_gold Gold
biome_lake Lake
biome_lava Volcanic Lake
biome_lavacave Volcanic Cave
biome_magic_gate Sanctuary
biome_null unknown
biome_pyramid Pyramid
biome_rainforest Underground Jungle
biome_sandcave Sandcave
biome_secret_entrance Mysterious Gate
biome_shop_room Secret Shop
biome_snowcastle Hiisi Base
biome_snowcave Snowy Depths
biome_town_under twisty passages
biome_vault The Vault
biome_wandcave magical temple
biome_water water
biome_winter snowy wasteland
biome_holymountain Holy Mountain

map list

I've changed the Biomes#1.0_Maps section to a plaintext list, to make it easier to update, and make it clearer what exists (and what doesn't) and when they were last updated. Hope that helps! Quiddity-wp (talk) 11:06, 27 December 2020 (UTC)

biome table map

For whoever is game to mess with the 'Approximate Biome Map' table -- we need to add in the sections of Magical Temple and Wizards' Den that now appear beyond the gate in the Temple of The Art. I'd highly recommend consulting a recent version of the biome map itself for constructing that, there's a lot of intermingled sections in there. Vexx32 (talk) 06:18, 28 December 2020 (UTC)