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See also: Uusi Aurinko

What you need to do?[]

Making suns and dark suns is a process in itself, but that's just the start. You need to consume the moons, the boss and make the suns consume each other. To do all that madness, you need to survive the damage the suns deal. Outside of the suns, the damage is minimal, mostly explosion and fire damage, but when you get too close to the sun it starts dealing curse damage and inside the suns you will start taking midas damage. Midas damage is like being hit by a touch spell several times a second, it will kill you unless you have protection, like stainless stacking or lots and lots of healing, saving grace, fungal shifts, and extra lives. Also the Dark Sun turns other materials into Ominous Liquid making it harder to utilize stainless armor.

What you need to make a sun[]

  1. Sunseed (Ghost miniboss drops this, use explosive damage to kill him. You need evil eye to deal damage. The miniboss spawns in parallels, you'll need multiple sunseeds.)
  2. Bring the sunseed to the top of the pyramid and place it down, it will evolve into Sunstone and deal damage to you. The item usually flies off, so be ready to fly after it and catch it. Filling the top of the pyramid with liquid will prevent the sunstone from flying off. (Water evaporates in the desert, so you'll need something else)
  3. Sunstone needs specific strong explosions or 6 smaller ones to come to life. Sea of Lava, Summon Sädekivi, Giga Nuke, 6 Bombs or 6 Holy bombs will work well. Not all explosions work. Be careful with Summon Sädekivi, the sunstone can't be too close to the bottom of the beam or it will be destroyed instead. Place the sunstone above the beamstone a good distance away.
  4. You need to feed it 100 kills. Div10 + summon egg will make that happen quickly.
  5. Now that you have the Star child made, it will gravitate towards the center of the moon and dark moon and stay there. The last step needs 4 elemental stones and poopstone for the dark sun.

You can turn essences into elemental stones. There's several essences and essence eaters in the world, but the island only spawns in the main world, meaning you only get one brimstone/firestone. If you don't want to drag the sun through the world, you need to find one extra brimstone. Overgrown caverns and Fungal caverns have many item pedestals, being your fastest way to find them. You will need to make a dark sun at the dark moon, so you also need one poopstone, essence of spirit gives that. You will only need that in NG+ part of the run.

Important note: Entering NG+ will delete extra sunseeds and sunstones, depending on what you have in your inventory. If you want to take multiple, you need to turn some seeds into stones. The best item combo can vary, make a backup save before entering NG+ just in case.

The evolution chain for the sun: Sunseed -> Sunstone -> Sun egg -> Star child -> New Sun/ Dark Sun

All the pillars and crown explained[]

  • Create the sun
  • Create the dark sun
  • Boss is consumed by the sun (After making the suns at moon and dark moon, bring the boss to one of them, the sun will deal enough damage to kill him, give him a few orbs to survive the trip)
  • Supernova (You need to make a New Sun and Dark Sun collide for this event to happen. Dragging a sun out of the gravitational pull of a moon is difficult, but possible with the Kuu or Stone of Hearing)
  • Sun Collision Pillar (Using the Normal Sun on the "Second Moon" in a run) "Second Moon" means after you have used a Sun/Dark Sun on the "First Moon" in a run. Either Moon can be "First" or "Second"
  • Dark Sun Collision Pillar (Using the Dark Sun on the "Second Moon" in a run)
  • The Crown appears on the players head when starting a new run after putting the Sun at the Moon, and Dark Sun at Dark Moon. Though even if you have The Crown you might lack some of the Sun Tree pillars.

Step by step guide to all-in-one run[]


First run: Make a New Sun at Both Moons. (Normal Moon, and then New Sun at Dark moon.) This step is only for the "Sun Collision Pillar" aka "As Above So Below"

NG+: Make a Dark Sun at Dark Moon. (This NG+ Cycle completes the SunQuest, and leaves Both Suns at their respective Moons)

Supernova Pillar and Boss Kill by Sun / Dark Sun can be done in either of these parts.

Other things to Note: Supernova will transform many materials. This Persists through NG+

In Detail Explanation:

  • Go through main path, looking for tools to go to parallel worlds. Also kill the alchemist miniboss.
  • Prepare for breaking the reroll machines in parallel worlds by using black holes or other digging tools to drop the reroll machine outside the holy mountain. You need it to be out of range so that you can take perks safely and still keep the machine alive. If you can't see perks and the reroll machine on the same screen, it's far enough.
  • While going through parallel worlds, check the hourglass secret room next to hiisi base. You really want to find circle of vigor for easy healing.
  • After 5 (East) parallel worlds, you will have 30 east world machines saved for breaking rerolls. If you can get the last reroll machine up to 204800 gold (10th reroll) the 29 other machines will be enough to break the machine. You have to do 38 rerolls total.

I advice taking 3 gold rooms on the way to have enough gold for the rerolls and the spells you need to buy in hell/sky.

  • After the machine breaks, take a portal to the main world and do a backup save.
  • Go in the other direction: if you did 5 east worlds, go to west worlds to get your perks.

The perks you want, in order of importance: Perk lottery x 4, Extra Perk x 3, Gas blood(Sun makes you bleed, disabling stainless if you don't have this) Stainless armor x15 (or more, but dying at the end of the run becomes harder with more), repelling cape x2, Saving grace. You get 979 rerolls after 38 rerolls, the machine will break permanently after that. So be efficient with your rerolls. Rerolls will go through the 300 perks that you have in the pool. You might only have one stainless in the pool, more if you're lucky. To be efficient, don't keep rerolling if there are less that 3 perks on the altar, if you have many extra perks, you can be stricter with this rule.

  • After you have 15 stainless and other perks you need, take a portal to the main world and do a backup save.
  • Go to hell or sky and get one or 2 divide10s. If you don't have unlimited spells at this point, also get Wand refresh.
  • Kill the ghost miniboss, collect 4 essences and use the essence eater to get the elemental stones.
  • Place the sunseed on the top of the pyramid to create the Sunstone. Filling the top of the pyramid with liquid can prevent the stone from flying off.
  • Take the sunstone to the center of the moon. Div10 + Bomb/Holy Bomb to evolve it into Sunegg, then 100 kills with divided eggs to make a Star Child.
  • Throw the elemental stones into the star child to make a new sun, or go inside it and it will grab them from your inventory.

You will need multiple trips to get all the stones into the sun, since you only have 4 item slots.

  • Repeat above steps to make another sun at the dark moon, or drag the sun you made at the moon all the way down.

The Kuu and Kuulokivi (Stone of Hearing, spawns in magic temple) can pull the sun outside of the gravitational pull of the moon, if the gravitational effect is still there. Making another sun is easier, although it requires you to find a firestone in the world. Parallel world fungal caverns is the fastest way to find one.

  • After both moons are consumed by a sun, it's time to kill the boss with a sun. Collect 5 orbs for ng+ on the way, it will make the boss survive the trip.

Then drag the boss to one of the suns, or drag the sun to the boss. You need to take the portal after the kill and load the trophy, the golden sun in the work gives the pillar.

  • Escape the work room, get another sunseed from a ghost boss and go to NG+.

If you don't want to drag a sun around the whole world, take 2 sunseeds (make sure one of them have been evolved into sunstone) to NG+.

  • Make a backup save. If you lose the sunseeds while in NG+, the run fails, since the ghost boss does not spawn in there.
  • Make a dark sun at the dark moon. Make sure to use the poopstone before using the last of the 4 elemental stones or you'll make a new sun instead of a dark sun.
  • Use a Kuu or Stone of Hearing to drag the New Sun and Dark Sun together to cause a supernova. The gravitational effect at the moon might make the sun hard to move, use a slingshot method to get the sun out - drag the sun in one direction, the quickly drag it through the moon into the opposite direction, the pull of the moon will add speed and help you. If you brought 2 sunseeds to NG+, you can make a new sun close to the Dark Sun in Hell and won't need to drag it out of the moon's gravity or fear poly in the sky.

How The Game Does It[]

Why you have to bring 2 Suns to both Moons First Run:

First run: Make a New Sun at Normal Moon, and then New Sun at Dark moon. (This run is only for the "Sun Collision Pillar" aka "As Above So Below")

The Game checks if the first "It Is Gone" message has been run.

If this check succeeds and the "Second Moon" in a run finds a Sun / Dark Sun it gives the player the corresponding pillar.

NG+ and Second Runs:

NG+: Make a Dark Sun at Dark Moon. (This NG+ Cycle completes the SunQuest, and leaves Both Suns at their respective Moons)

The reason you don't have to do 2 Suns in NG+ is because the "It Is Gone" flag carried over from the First Run.

If the run ends you will lose this "It Is Gone" flag and be forced to do 2 Suns again.

Sun States:

The Moon / Dark Moon will remember it's current "Sun State"

If the Moon was last destroyed by the Sun it will have a Sun stuck to it in future runs. The only way to undo this is to bring the Dark Sun to the Moon.

(Vice Versa for Dark Moon)

If the Dark Moon was last destroyed by the Dark Sun it will have a Dark Sun stuck to it in future runs. The only way to undo this is to bring the Sun to the Dark Moon.

If a Sun / Dark Sun is on the Moon / Dark Moon you can't activate other Moon events.

Moving them can be quite hard. People have found using a "Slingshot Effect" has made it easier.