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A passive Spell that summons a spectral friend to attack enemies while floating around the player's shoulder at all times. If an enemy is in its line of sight, it automatically fires at the target. The spells it casts cannot be modified.

Like all Passive spells, it will add one extra "draw" to the cast. If they are placed at the end of a wand they can be used for wrapping.

It casts increasingly damaging spells depending upon how much HP the player has lost.

lost HP Spell
0-24 Spark Bolt
25-49 Magic Arrow
50-99 Magic Bolt
100-199 Giant Spitter Bolt
200-399 3 x Magic Arrow
400-799 3 x Magic Bolt
800-1599 3 x Giant Spitter Bolt
1600-3199 6 x Magic Arrow
3200-6399 6 x Magic Bolt
6400+ 6 x Giant Spitter Bolt


  • Its automatic behavior can sometimes cause the player problems with conflict avoidance.
  • The rate of fire is similar to the default wand, making it a powerful early game tool.
  • Being very cute, it may be able to boost the player's morale.


It's unclear whether it's frowning due to the actions of the player or the unsavory conditions of its environment.