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Disambig.png This article is about the spell. For the enemy, see Taikasauva.

Summon Taikasauva summons forth a flying wand to fight for you. The wand created is randomly generated, just like any other wand you find in the world. It behaves just like a charmed enemy and will retaliate if you shoot at it.

It will drop gold nuggets when defeated, as well as the wand itself for you to pick up.

It has a single charge.


This spell calls forth Tier 3 wands, which will spawn with a random selection of Tier 2 spells:

Double Spell
Triple Spell
Quadruple Spell
Double Scatter Spell
Triple Scatter Spell
Quadruple Scatter Spell
Formation - Behind Your Back
Formation - Above And Below
Formation - Pentagon
Formation - Hexagon
Formation - Bifurcated
Formation - Trifurcated
Acid Ball
Black Hole
Black Hole with Death Trigger
Bomb Cart
Bubble Spark
Bubble Spark With Trigger
Burst Of Air
Cursed Sphere
Death Cross
Giga Death Cross
Plasma Beam Cross
Digging Blast
Digging Bolt
Dormant Crystal
Dormant Crystal With Trigger
Dropper Bolt
Eldritch Portal
Energy Orb
Energy Orb With A Trigger
Energy Orb With A Timer
Energy Sphere
Energy Sphere With Timer
Expanding Sphere
Firebolt With Trigger
Large Firebolt
Giant Firebolt
Odd Firebolt
Freezing Gaze
Glitter Bomb
Glowing Lance
Glue Ball
Healing Bolt
Holy Bomb
Concentrated Light
Ball Lightning
Lightning Bolt
Thunder Charge
Luminous Drill
Luminous Drill With Timer
Magic Arrow
Magic Arrow With Trigger
Magic Arrow With Timer
Magic Bolt
Magic Bolt With Trigger
Magic Bolt With Timer
Magic Guard
Big Magic Guard
Magic Missile
Large Magic Missile
Giant Magic Missile
Blood Mist
Mist Of Spirits
Slime Mist
Toxic Mist
Plasma Beam
Plasma Cutter
Prickly Spore Pod
Propane Tank
Random Projectile Spell
Disc Projectile
Giga Disc Projectile
Summon Omega Sawblade
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt With Trigger
Spark Bolt With Double Trigger
Spark Bolt With Timer
Spitter Bolt
Spitter Bolt With Timer
Large Spitter Bolt
Large Spitter Bolt With Timer
Summon Egg
Summon Explosive Box
Summon Large Explosive Box
Summon Hollow Egg
Summon Missile
Summon Rock Spirit
Homebringer Teleport Bolt
Teleport Bolt
Small Teleport Bolt
Triplicate Bolt
Unstable Crystal With Trigger
Add Mana
Fire Arc
Electric Arc
Gunpowder Arc
Poison Arc
Downwards Bolt Bundle
Octagonal Bolt Bundle
Explosive Bounce
Remove Bounce
Bubbly Bounce
Chain Spell
Concentrated Explosion
Critical Plus
Damage Field
Damage Plus
Heavy Shot
Light Shot
Mana To Damage
Earthquake Shot
Electric Charge
Rainbow Glimmer
Invisible Spell
Blue Glimmer
Green Glimmer
Orange Glimmer
Purple Glimmer
Red Glimmer
Yellow Glimmer
Heavy Spread
Chaos Larpa
Downwards Larpa
Larpa Explosion
Upwards Larpa
Fireball Orbit
Plasma Beam Orbit
Nuke Orbit
Sawblade Orbit
Fly Upwards
Orbiting Arc
Phasing Arc
Slithering Path
Spiral Arc
Accelerative Homing
Projectile Area Teleport
Rotate Towards Foes
Short-range Homing
Aiming Arc
Personal Fireball Thrower
Personal Gravity Field
Personal Lightning Caster
Personal Tentacler
Piercing Shot
Plasma Beam Enhancer
Projectile Energy Shield
Quantum Split
Reduce Recharge Time
Reduce Spread
Remove Explosion
Accelerating Shot
Decelerating Shot
Speed Up
Avoiding Arc
Drilling Shot
Explosive Projectile
Matter Eater
Fireball Thrower
Lightning Thrower
Plasma Beam Thrower
Two-Way Fireball Thrower
Essence to Power
Spells To Power
Acid Trail
Burning Trail
Fire Trail
Gunpowder Trail
Oil Trail
Poison Trail
Water Trail
Blood To Acid
Ground To Sand
Lava To Blood
Toxic Sludge To Acid
Water To Poison
Chaotic Transmutation
Liquid Detonation
Weakening Curse - Explosives
Venomous Curse


  • As you cannot control what type of wand this spell calls forth, it can potentially be extremely dangerous to you if, for example, it contains Earthquake or Nuke spells.
  • This spell can also be used to reanimate any existing dropped wands if they are close by when you cast it.
  • With the right combination of spells, this spell can be used to generate countless spells and wands.

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