Summon Rock

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A spell that summons a sizeable rock at the tip of the wand. This rock obeys gravity and can deal heavy damage to enemies if it collides with them. It can be kicked by the player and does not impede player movement all, unlike worldgen rocks which are solid.

It has 3 charges (although you may find a wand with no spells and the descriptor "always casts summon rock" which will summon rocks infinitely). The Unlimited Spells Perk does affect this spell as well.

The Geomancer archetype from the official class mod starts with a wand with this spell as Always Cast, giving you an unlimited amount of them.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The spell in its normal incarnation is tricky to use, but fun. Unfortunately, only 3 charges means it doesnt last more than a few moments.
  • You can combine this spell with other projectiles to have them impart their velocity into the rock, flinging it forward at great speeds. This is most easily done with Burst of Air but also works with any projectile that has an explosive effect, like Energy Orb.
  • Enemies killed with the rock drops double gold, just like when you kill enemies by kicking barrels, minecarts and other items at them.
  • With a wand that says "always casts summon rock", it can become an incredible movement tool. Summon it at your feet and you can use it to jump off of and travel infinitely.
  • Summoned rocks can be picked up and thrown.