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Disc Projectile
Giga Disc Projectile
Summon Omega Sawblade
Projectile spells that summon deadly sawblades.

The Omega Disc Projectile summons a giant spinning sawblade, roughly about the size of two player heights in diameter. Unlike all other disk spells, it's innately Piercing, has an extremely high longevity at about 10 seconds, and can dig through all terrain in its trajectory, including Extremely Dense Rock and Cursed Rock, making it a highly powerful projectile that deals damage every frame and is capable of tunneling through walls.

However, this comes at the major drawback of its aggressive homing towards the player after roughly a second after being cast, rather than towards the place it was cast like Giga Disc Projectile. Omega sawblade will destroy anything in its path, including the extremely hard materials, such as Cursed Rock and Holy Mountain Brickwork. Trigger spells and Long-Distance Cast will not make any difference on its behavior.

The disk travels more slowly than the Giga Disk Projectile and therefore the Projectile Repulsion perk is enough to stop the self-homing effect of this spell, as long as the player is stationary. It will suspend at a safe but uncomfortably close distance, but moving toward or away from it can get close enough to damage the player.

As with all other Slice damage sources, it will cause creatures hit with it to bleed more.


  • This spell is extremely hazardous and difficult to use. Consider it suicidal unless you have some combination of Homing, Projectile Repulsion, Trigger spells, duration reduction, and/or path-forcing modifiers.
    • Pingpong Path, Fly Upwards, and Fly Downwards have no effect on the disk's path.
    • Orbiting Arc and Spiral Arc completely nullify and replace the disk's self-homing effect. Gravity and Anti-Gravity overpower the self-homing effect and cause the disk to come to rest at a safe distance above/below you (this is also ideal for upwards/downwards mining). Horizontal Path works exactly as you would expect.
    • Chaotic Transmutation will disable the Boomerang effect.
    • Homing modifiers and its respective perk, though making the disk incredibly effective at clearing out entire screens of enemies, will still chase the player after there are no more valid targets.
    • Modifiers that statically affect its speed (Speed Up, Heavy Shot, Light Shot) will only affect the launching speed; they have no significant effect on its speed while homing on you at close range. Decelerating Shot will cause the blade to greatly slow down, making it easier to evade, but not stop it completely. Accelerating Shot will cause the disk to bounce around erratically as it tries and fails to home in on you.
    • Nolla will make the disk expire before its hitboxes load, though it will still destroy all terrain around the spot it was cast, making it a decent digging tool.
    • Beware when using path-forcing modifiers like gravity with quantum split as only the main projectile will be affected by the modifiers and the copies will home toward the player freely.
  • While the blade is moving very fast, it will occasionally rebound from a surface instead of drilling through it.
  • The blades ignore the defenses of many of the bosses, making for extremely quick miniboss kills. Take care though, that the blades are also liable to utterly destroy any inventory items the bosses might drop.


Casting the spell and its aftermath.

Triggers and Orbiting Arc make it much safer to use.