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Summon Hollow Egg is a Spell that creates a hollow Egg and flings it in an arc. The egg will crack open when it hits an enemy or surface with anything above a very gentle impact. Upon breaking, it triggers (casts) the next spell in the wand. The egg itself does not deal damage to enemies; the damage shown when the egg breaks is the damage the egg itself took which caused it to break.


Eggs have a number of special properties which makes this spell quite useful. Eggs can be carried directly in the player's inventory like potions or other objects, which allows them to be created ahead of time and then thrown like a customisable grenade.

Being rigid-body physics objects, eggs can be summoned in large numbers without releasing their payload, if they are handled carefully, making them useful for preparing particularly potent traps. Additionally, when the player dies or is polymorphed, any eggs being carried in their inventory are automatically cracked open. The Lukki Mutation perk can climb on the eggs allowing the user to traverse open spaces with eggs.


Throwing the egg normally usually will give it sufficient impact force to break, but it may not always, depending on the direction you need to fire it. Instead of lobbing them normally, eggs can be fired more directly by double-casting the Summon Hollow Egg spell alongside Burst of Air to turn them into something more like traditional trigger spells. It's also possible to pack the Summon Hollow Egg spell inside another trigger spell as a delivery mechanism.

If shot directly with sufficient force, such as with Burst of Air, the egg may bounce back when shot towards a body of liquid. Eggs also bounce off shields without breaking, with an unusual rubber-banding ricochet after passing through the shield a short distance.

Storing Eggs[]

Spells can be 'stored' within an egg, by casting the wand and catching the egg (picking it up into item inventory) before it hits anything. This can be done most easily by casting into water, or just aiming directly up and catching it as it falls.[1]

Piles of eggs can be prepared ahead of time, and then detonated more or less all at once with an explosion, creating quite violent combination attacks.

Noita Eggs Hold Your Imagination - DunkOrSlam


When the player is polymorphed, any eggs held in the inventory get dropped and release their spell, potentially allowing for you to hold an egg that automatically casts defensive spells to protect you from a swift death. Chunk of Soil or Circle of Shielding tend to be particularly helpful spells for this use.

Upgraded Poly Safety Egg - Nymphspyre (2021)
How to protect yourself from Polymorphing in Noita (early access) - FuryForged (2020) (starts at 3:25, 1 min long)


If Explosive Projectile is applied to Summon Hollow Egg, the egg itself will violently explode for around 325 damage when it breaks open. This can be used to create highly effective grenades, although the explosion can damage the player very easily. This will work even if the egg itself has no additional payload.

This combination of spells causes accidental kills, and enemies killed this way will drop double the Gold.


  • Prior to Patch #8 (Dec 19 2019), this spell had a charge limit of 3, similar to the other Summon Egg spell.

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  1. Eggs will only retain their stored spells for the current session. Saving and reloading the game will cause the game to "forget" which spells were in the egg, and it will behave the same way a completely empty egg would.