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There are 14 Steam Achievements.


Steam Achievements as of October 2021
61.1% Reached Coal Pits
51.3% Reached Snowy Depths
33.3% Reached Hiisi Base
20.3% Reached Underground Jungle
16.6% Reached The Vault
11.6% Reached Temple of the Art
10.8% Victory
2.5% The Gods Are Enraged
1.2% The Gods Are Impressed
1.2% Gathered All The Knowledge
0.3% The Gods Are Afraid
0.3% 100% Perk Progress
0.1% 100% Enemy Progress
0.1% 100% Spell Progress


Why were there (previously) so many more people with the "Victory" achievement than the "Temple of Art" achievement?
The "Victory" achievement existed during Noita's early access period, whereas "Temple of Art" was added at launch.
(Copied from Noita Discord)


How to Unlock All Steam or GoG Achievements in Noita - FuryForged

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