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A Spell that creates a colorful bolt with medium spread, travelling forward in a straight line for a short to medium distance before fizzling out. Comes in 3 sizes, each with a timer variant. The larger the spitter, the further it will travel and the more damage it will do.

The standard Spitter Bolt has the second-best mana drain-to-damage ratio in the game for a non-explosive unlimited projectile, only slightly edged out by the Giga Disc Projectile spell.


  • The Spitter Bolt can be of limited use on its own, but can be made to produce a shotgun effect with a multicast modifier like Double Spell.
  • Due to its great mana efficiency, the normal Spitter Bolt is a very good fit for triggered combos on fast firing wands. Try experimenting with it together with trigger spells, large multicast formations (with multiple copies of spitter bolts) and any other projectile modifiers you find. You may be suprised at what this seemingly unassuming spell can do.
  • The timer variants are less useful due to their spread and inherent short range. Usually, a Spark Bolt or Magic Arrow is a better choice if you need a trigger or timer.
  • The Large and Giant versions of the spell are more useful on their own than the normal variant due to the increased range and damage, but be aware of their significantly higher mana drain.


Spitter Bolt

Large Spitter Bolt

Giant Spitter Bolt