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This modifier causes affected spells to travel in a spiral motion around its point of origin while reducing casting delay and increasing spell lifetime.


  • The hidden lifetime modifier has a drastic affect on short-lived spells like Luminous Drill and Chainsaw, allowing the spell to travel farther and dig more effectively. Digging Bolt and Digging Blast are actually hindered by this, as their digging projectiles will only travel a very short distance and will not deal any damage to terrain until after the projectiles expire.
  • Since Spiral Arc causes projectiles to spiral around its point of origin, it makes affected spells ineffective against targeting far away enemies. However, Spiral Arc can be used with Trigger spells, Timer spells, Long-Distance Cast, or Teleporting Cast, to cast spiraling projectiles around a new point of origin, making it easier for them to strike enemies.
  • Is a core ingredient in infinite lifetime spells