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The Spiral of Death/Spiral Phantom (in-game name Spiraalikalma) is an enemy found in the Magical Temple and the Temple of the Art. It closely resembles the Kiukkukalma, with the only difference being its 'hair' and number of eyes.


The Spiraalikalma is floating creature, passively patrolling the Magical Temple and Temple of the Art until it learns the player's location. Once it knows the whereabouts of the player, it approaches until it has a clear line of sight, then shoots blue orbs which arc toward the player.

The orb travels through the air at a somewhat slow speed and stops upon reaching a wall or object. Once it has stopped, it remains stuck to what it has hit for a few seconds. Along its flight, the orb sends out smaller blue orbs in a counter-clockwise fashion. This continues until the original orb disappears, then, the Spiraalikalma sends another orb to continue its attack.

Combat Tips[]

  • Both this and the Kiukkukalmas a are similar in behavior and attack pattern, so they share practically the same advice.
  • This enemy is a slow flier, so you should be able to choose where you fight.
  • Both the primary and secondary projectiles it fires are quite slow, but numerous. Use the corners and geography of the Temple of the Art and Magical Temple to reduce its area control.
    • The slow speed of the projectiles mean that the Projectile Repulsion Perk will render this enemy practically unable to hurt you.

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