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Spells To Power
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A group of spells that transform all on-screen projectiles simultaneously, regardless of origin.

Spells to Power is a Projectile Modifier that absorbs any other projectiles owned by the player currently in flight, and adds their damage to the spell the modifier is applied to. It cannot affect other spells which also have a Spells to Power modifier applied.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Spells that create many particles, like Barrier spells, are especially effective as a power source. Each particle composing the spell's effect is considered a separate projectile and will individually add damage to the modified spell, amplifying the final damage immensely.
  • Spells to Power is a direct conversion of the converted projectiles damage. As such, its primary function is concentrating all damage onto a single projectile, unless the spell you are modifying intrinsically creates multiple projectiles, or otherwise can deal damage more than once (for example, in combination with Piercing Shot).