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Spells To Power
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A group of spells that modify damage output by absorbing other things.

Spells to Power is a Projectile Modifier that absorbs any other projectiles owned by the player currently in flight in a radius from the modified projectiles point of origin, and adds their damage to the spell the modifier is applied to. It cannot affect other spells which also have a Spells to Power modifier applied.


  • Spells that create many high damage particles, like Barrier spells, are especially effective as a power source. Each particle absorbed by Spells To Power's effect will add their damage to a "pool" which will then be added to the modified spell.
  • Spells to Power can only absorb Projectile and Explosion damage.
  • Spells to Power is best used to concentrate damage into a single castblock which will usually result in one or more high damage projectile. Their damage can further be increased with Crit Chance or modifiers like Piercing Shot.
  • Applying multiple Spells to Power to the same projectile increases the damage multiple times.
  • If you modify the absorbed projectiles damage with modifiers like heavy shot or damage up, the added damage will be absorbed as well. This means that you can increase the damage of your chosen projectile by the amount of projectiles absorbed, the damage of the absorbed projectiles and the amount of Spells to Power applied to the chosen projectile.
  • Spells To Power can repeatedly absorb itself with Tentacle With Timer, which can cause the damage exponential increase.