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The most basic projectile Spell. This is one of the possible spells that a new game wand will be equipped with. Also comes in trigger, double trigger, and timer varieties, each with increased mana drain. The Double trigger also does a small amount of explosion damage.


  • The very weak damage is balanced by its very low mana drain and added critical chance, making this a choice spell for early builds and for wands with low cast delay/recharge times.
  • The Trigger and double trigger versions are very useful for delivering spells that can harm the player to a safe distance away. You can also experiment and combine them with various spells, like Chainsaw, for some interesting results.
  • Since the double trigger variant also has explosion damage, it will synergize well with explosion modifiers as their damage is amplified by base explosion damage. If alone, the explosion from the double trigger variant is not friendly fire enabled and thus always safe to use.
  • Because of its low mana drain and good accuracy, the trigger and timer variants of the Spark Bolt remain the cheapest and most efficient ways to cast other spells at range throughout the game. Their high speed makes them even more effective and reliable.
  • This spell can be made infinite with the use of only one Reduce Lifetime. See the Guide To Infinite Lifetime Spells.

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On its own, it doesn't do much