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Sodium is a Powder, presumably found in rare Liquid Tanks and rare Flasks. This powder acts normally for the rules set for powders. It is solid, you can kick it, and it reacts to gravity. The special property of sodium comes into play once another liquid, deemed acceptable to react, touches it. When one of these liquids come into contact with any pixel of sodium, the sodium will violently explode. This explosion can be compared to an explosion of Gunpowder. This reaction will continue until every pixel of sodium is gone, however there is a chance this will most likely not happen due to a supposed oversight. Very few pixels of sodium might remain on the floor, and explode endlessly until the reactant is removed.

Sodium reacting to Water.

List of reactants[]

Wet Sodium[]

Wet sodium is a variant of sodium that simply doesn't need a reactant to begin exploding. It presumably only spawns in rare flasks, however there's a very big chance it simply goes unused. This powder also suffers the same oversight that regular sodium has. Once wet sodium is poured on to the ground, it will explode endlessly. To stop it you will need to manually remove it via a digging bolt / blast.