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The Hiisi Sniper (in-game name Snipuhiisi) is a Hiisi equipped with a sniper rifle featuring a red laser sight. Their extremely high-velocity bullets can deal 25 damage to the player, as well as massive knockback.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

These Hiisi typically attack all other enemies, but will not attack other Hiisi. They use their signature sniper rifle, as well as have a melee attack.

Hiisi Snipers have an incredibly long aggro range, which they use in conjunction with their equally long-range weapons. Before firing, they always telegraph with a red laser sight first, though it is not always visible - any material will block the laser sight, even if it is something that their bullet could easily go through, such as powdery Snow or a thin layer of Ice. Furthermore, once they spot something, they will always have nigh-perfect aim, meaning that the laser sight is merely an optional courtesy for whatever they've targeted.

Combat Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If you know that you're being targeted by a Sniper Hiisi, move perpendicularly to the laser sight the moment before the bullet reaches you.
    • Levitating normally or even falling like a rock will help you avoid the bullet. However, if you are too close, it may be completely impossible to avoid the bullet.
  • Attacking a Sniper Hiisi will interrupt their own attack, forcing them to restart from the beginning. But be careful - Sniper Hiisi have a surprising amount of health.
  • Although their bullet can go through snow easily, it cannot go through dark blue Frozen Rock - nor can the bullet get past other Hiisi. Earn accidental kills by moving the Sniper's laser sight into their friends.