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The Hiisi Sniper (in-game name Snipuhiisi) is a Hiisi equipped with a sniper rifle featuring a red laser sight. Their extremely high-velocity bullets can deal 25 damage to the player, as well as massive knockback.


These Hiisi typically attack all other enemies, but will not attack other Hiisi. They use their signature sniper rifle, as well as have a melee attack.

Hiisi Snipers have an incredibly long aggro range, which they use in conjunction with their equally long-range weapons. Before firing, they always telegraph with a red laser sight first, though it is not always visible - any material will block the laser sight, even if it is something that their bullet could easily go through, such as powdery Snow or a thin layer of Ice. Furthermore, once they spot something, they will always have nigh-perfect aim, meaning that the laser sight is merely an optional courtesy for whatever they've targeted.

Combat Tips[]

  • If you know that you're being targeted by a Sniper Hiisi, move perpendicularly to the laser sight the moment before the bullet reaches you.
    • Levitating normally or even falling like a rock will help you avoid the bullet. However, if you are too close, it may be completely impossible to avoid the bullet.
  • Attacking a Sniper Hiisi will interrupt their own attack, forcing them to restart from the beginning. But be careful - Sniper Hiisi have a surprising amount of health. (citation needed)
  • Although their bullet can go through snow easily, it cannot go through dark blue Frozen Rock - nor can the bullet get past other Hiisi. Earn accidental kills by moving the Sniper's laser sight into their friends.


  • The Sniper Hiisi can be seen aiming down its sight before firing.
  • They are actually less dangerous in the Hiisi Base's narrow corridors than the wide chasms of the Snowy Depths.