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Slime is a very common liquid Material that slows the player on contact. It is colored purple or green with some dots in it. Some enemies bleed slime and can be affected by their own blood, slowing themselves down. Slime also extinguishes fire much more reliably than Water, able to completely extinguish even a pit of burning Oil with only a small amount of it.

Slime can also destroy a Kiuaskivi if it is dropped in a puddle of the liquid.

The Slime Blood perk makes the player immune to slime's slowdown.

Slime is the densest fluid, and will often bunch up rather than flattening out when poured due to its high viscosity. Because of its density, it is difficult for the player to fully submerge in slime.


Consuming slime will cause the food poisoning debuff at a rate of +20s duration for every 10% drunk, causing the player to vomit.


The player may spawn with a Slime Potion, and it can spawn in procedurally generated potions. Other than that, it can be obtained as blood from creatures that bleed it, including the player if the Slime Blood Perk is acquired.

Another source of Slime is combining Poison and Blood. This easily achieved by having a Myrkkyhiisi shoot at the player over a pool of Blood.


Components Result(s)
Poison + Blood Slime
Slime + Water Slime Mist
Slime + Whiskey Smoke
Slime + Acceleratium / Levitatium / Hastium Gunpowder (active)
Slime + Unstable Teleportatium Teleportatium

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Slime being used to quickly get rid of a pit of burning Oil

A Kiuaskivi being destroyed by a small puddle of Slime

Slime being transmuted from Poison and Blood

Slime being transmuted from Poison and Blood