Silver can be made via Chaotic Transmutation, or general Alchemy.However, these alchemy methods result in metal-transmutation chains or comsumption of reactant, making it almost impossible for silver to be synthesized using alchemy methods.

Alchemical Recipes

Components Result(s) Notes
Diamond + Chaotic Polymorphine Silver + Smoke
Gold + Chaotic Polymorphine Silver + Smoke
Copper + Brass + Water Silver + Smoke + Smoke


Components Result(s) Notes
Silver + Flummoxium Levitatium Other metal powders than Silver can be used (Gold, Copper, Brass, etc.)
Silver + Polymorphine Copper + Smoke This is part of the Polymorphine metal-transmutation chain.
Silver + Copper + Blood Diamond + Smoke + Smoke
Silver + Diamond + Blood Purifying Powder + Smoke + Smoke
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