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Homing Spells
Accelerative Homing
Projectile Area Teleport
Rotate Towards Foes
Short-range Homing
Aiming Arc
Spell modifiers that redirect projectiles to seek out targets.

Short-range Homing is a modifier that will impart some constant force on projectiles to make them home in on enemies. Because of this the effect is more noticeable on slower or static projectiles. As the name suggests, this spell modifier has a shorter homing range than the Homing spell modifier and the perk of the same name.


  • Short-range Homing may have a shorter homing range than the plain Homing spell modifier, but this can be useful if you want your projectile to hit a target behind an obstacle. Having a shorter distance to activate the homing means you have more control over where the projectile goes, while plain Homing projectiles will likely begin homing in on the closest target as soon as the projectiles are fired.
  • Static projectiles such as Mist spells do not benefit as much from Short-ranged Homing as they do with Homing, as enemies will have to be significantly closer before the homing activates.
  • Short-range Homing has a significantly reduced mana cost when compared to Homing, making it easier to manage your mana.