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The Shiny Orb is an Inventory Item. When kicked it will grant an amount of gold in Gold Nuggets, or explode.


When kicked the item will "roll" a number from a 1-20 range, and depending on the outcome create gold or explode. The rolling is more akin to drawing cards from a deck than it is to rolling a die, as the same number can't be rolled twice by an individual Shiny Orb.

Number Rolled Effect
1 Small explosion that destroys the Orb and deals 24–25 damage.
2-9 10 Gold nugget.png in one small nugget
10-14, 16-19 20 Gold nugget.png gold in two small nuggets
15 100 Gold nugget.png gold in two medium nuggets
20 200 Gold nugget.png gold in one large nugget


The "Explosion immunity" perk blocks the explosion damage when 1 is rolled making it safe to kick the orb.

Kicking the orb underwater does NOT reduce damage.

Soaking yourself with a bit of Ambrosia will nullify the damage dealt upon explosion.

"Kicking" the orb while using the "Telekenetic Kick" perk is enough to activate it, while staying safely out of explosion range.

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