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Sawblade Orbit
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Modifiers that add orbiting projectiles to a spell. They cut through both terrain and enemies, and only disappear when its host projectile expires or on direct impact with an enemy.

Sawblade Orbit is a spell modifier that adds 4 rotating Giga Disc Projectiles to an affected spell. These blades will cut through and perforate all matter until its host expires or all blades have hit creatures. Like all disc projectiles, they will also cut you if you let them.


  • A very dangerous modifier, but less so than a normal Giga Disc Projectile due to the blades being locked to a host projectile and so will never home on you on its own.
  • If attached to a static or slow moving projectile, the blades will easily slice through even the hardest materials, including the brickwork of the Holy Mountain.
  • With sufficient projectiles, such as a multicast, it can prove to be an efficient digging tool. Drilling shot helps a lot for this purpose.
  • When orbiting a summoned object, the blades will last for a very long time but do actually expire eventually even if its host does not.
  • If multiple Orbits of the same or different types are placed, only the first Orbit of the spell block will work and its effect will be multiplied by the number of Orbits.


Attaching sawblade orbit to a rock