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The Connoisseur of Wands (in-game name Sauvojen Tuntija) is a flying miniboss native to the chasm east of the Lava Lake. When the player passes through the middle section of the Orb Room, past the chasm, and makes their way back towards the Lava Lake, the Connoisseur will spawn underneath the bridge, surprising nosy Noitas. It is possible to avoid it spawning, by entering in certain ways.

Sauvojen Tuntija can also be spawned by using Monstrous Powder.


The Connoisseur of Wands is arguably the single most dangerous enemy in the entire game. It attacks using a wide variety of spells, some of which turn the player into a Sheep, similarly to Polymorphine, some of which cause blindness, similar to the attacks of the Sokaisunmestari, and it can also summon floating wands that cast one of several random spells.

It is resistant to most types of damage, nearly every status effect, and generates a unique counter shield for roughly 1-2 seconds every time it takes damage. Additionally, it is capable of digging through all terrain using its body, in a similar manner to that of the Lukki. Once it starts chasing the player, it is quite persistent and will not stop until the player runs far enough away.


  • An all-around blast of many polymorphing projectiles, which home and accelerate towards the player. Being hit by one of these projectiles while already polymorphed will instantly kill the player, as with any other attack.
  • An all-around blast of many blinding projectiles, done in the same manner as the above attack.
  • An all-around blast of many wand-disabling projectiles, similar to those fired by the Maadoittajamestari.
  • Spawns a random wand, which fires at the player several times before disappearing. This wand can fire one of several randomly chosen spells, such as Bouncing Burst, any of the Magic Missile variants, any of the Firebolt variants, and more. The fire rate of the wand depends on the spell it uses, firing weaker spells faster, and firing stronger spells slower. This wand can also copy spells.


Upon being defeated for the first time, the Connoisseur of Wands will disintegrate, drop two wands, tier 5 non-shuffle and a tier 6, and a Full Heal. On following kills it will no longer drop the Full Heal. Additionally, it will drop two destructive unlockable spells, Matosade and Meteorisade, which will be permanently unlocked for the player.

Combat Tips[]

  • Make generous use of cover; the amount of spells it puts out make it very hard to simply dodge its projectiles, even from far away, and the player will most importantly want to avoid getting polymorphed. Move to another piece of cover when its destroyed.
    • The Snowy Depths, with its multiple sections of disconnected terrain, is an ideal battleground for this. Just be sure to clear out the biome of enemies beforehand.
    • If the player is capable of using the spell often, Black Hole can be used to create cover on demand. This can be especially effective when done through Extremely Dense Rock, as the Connoisseur's explosive attacks will not be able to destroy this cover. However, it will still be able to burrow through the rock with its body.
  • Due to the shield it will summon upon being hit, it is advised to fight it with a slower, higher damage-per-hit wand, as opposed to the more popular rapid fire wands. Spells To Power in combination with any spell that casts many projectiles, such as square barrier, is extremely effective, however, it takes almost no damage from Spells To Power with Freezing Gaze. It is also immune to Freezing, so it cannot be instantly killed by any melee attacks.
    • Damage Field ignores its shield, offering an alternative way to fight it.
  • Staining yourself with Berserkium, or going invisible through Invisiblium or the Invisibility perk, will make the Connoisseur of Wands stop approaching you (its summoned wands will still target you).
  • It summons more wands to retaliate against taking damage. Attacks that rapidly hit it, such as Damage Field, will turn the fight into a bullet hell; if you don't have Ambrosia to prevent damage or the Teleport Bolt spell for easy getaways, this will certainly lead to your death.
  • The Projectile Repulsion Field perk is borderline necessary for fighting the Connoisseur if you can't get to cover quickly. Getting hit by any of its polymorphing or blinding blasts is almost guaranteed to result in the end of the the run - this perk, preferably in combination with an Energy Shield spell, will make those attacks much easier to avoid.
  • The Personal Gravity Field spell can be used to cause all but the fastest projectiles, mainly those fired from its wands, to stick around and orbit the boss. This renders the bosses polymorph, blinding and silence attacks almost harmless. Depending on the loadout of its wands this can also make it deal massive damage to itself. While wands that cast Personal Gravity Field automatically can be found it should also be possible to include this into a spell as an endless cast using the alpha or omega spells.
  • Due to the wands it summons occasionally copying spells used against it, self harming spells such as Omega Disk Projectile, Omega Black Hole and Plasma Beam can be very effective against it.
  • It can hurt itself with its own explosions from its Magic Missile and Firebolt attacks. It's possible to lure it next to terrain and wait for it injure itself with its attacks, although its tendency to eat through terrain can make setting such a trap somewhat difficult.
    • An Emerald Tablet can provide a useful and sturdy obstacle to detonate the spells close to it, but it will sometimes destroy the tablet just like the surrounding terrain. See #Exploit below.
    • Well-timed usage of Explosive Detonator can also be effective.


  • Due to its appearance, it has often received the nickname "Squidward".
  • Due to its location, it has often been called the "bridge boss" or "pit boss".

Trigger areas[]

The areas that trigger the appearance of Sauvojen Tuntija, can be avoided.

While no longer as easily avoided without spells as it used to be, the spawn trigger can still be evaded by digging under the orb room entirely. Note that this will require a digging spell capable of cutting through both the extremely dense rock and brickwork in your way.

You can also turn invisible with Invisiblium or the Invisibility perk to prevent them from activating.

Orbroom pitcheck.png

Parallel Worlds[]

In Parallel Worlds, the Three-eye's Minion (or Kolmisilmän Kätyri) can be found anywhere on the surface, along with the shadow version of Ylialkemisti. These pink-shaded copies do not drop anything besides gold.

Dark Gourd Moon[]

Completing the Dark Gourd Moon quest will spawn 10 buffed versions of the Kolmisilmän Kätyri.


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