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The Sandcave is a biome that can be found in two locations: beneath the Pyramid, and in between the upper Overgrown Cavern and Power Plant.


The biome consists mostly of sand, rusty ground, and sandstone arranged in solid structures, somewhat similar to the terrain formations in the Underground Jungle. Numerous unexploded naval mines litter the area, especially in the many pools of water found here. Aside from a single exception, there are no pickups or Treasure chests here, only enemies.

The entire biome is about the size of the Coal Pits, but deeper and slightly narrower.

Points of Interest[]

  • There is an orb room located in the middle bottom of the western Sandcave.
  • There is a structure located in the middle bottom of the eastern Sandcave.


High level Hiisi guard the sandcave. You probably shouldn't come here unless you're properly equipped.

...and more.


  • The western Sandcave is connected to the bottom of the Pyramid, most easily accessed by digging through a horizontal door in the floor near the entrance.
  • The eastern Sandcave is connected to the upper Overgrown Cavern from above and to Power Plant from below.


Death comes quickly for the unprepared