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The Master of Twitching (in-game name Sätkymestari) is one of the many Master spellcasters. It takes the appearance of a humanoid with a giant mouth as a head and is dressed in a green robe. Its body is made of Wobbly meat.


The Master of Twitching casts fast-moving homing projectiles that inflict the Twitchy debuff for 20 seconds. This will cause the player to randomly fire their currently equipped wand at random intervals and make your projectiles able to hit you as well.

Combat Tips[]

  • As with all Masters, exercise caution and focus on avoiding the projectiles. This is easily done by constantly moving perpendicular to the enemy's aiming trajectory (which usually means levitating up or falling down) and staying at a medium distance.
  • The debuff effect only applies to wands, so holding an item or potion can prevent accidental casts until the effect wears off.
  • Be very careful if you have an overpowered wand and get hit by the Twitchy Debuff! Switch to a lesser wand or an item to avoid hurting yourself.