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The Firecracker Goblin (in-game name Sähikäismenninkäinen) is an uncommon enemy in the Coal Pits. Its only attack is lobbing Glitter Bombs at the player.


This enemy leaps around frequently, throwing glitter bombs at the player every few seconds. There is a distinct cooldown in its attack pattern following each grenade toss during which it may move and jump, but will not attack.

Combat Tips[]

  • Similar to Tappurahiisi's Dynamite, the grenades explode on a set timer, so can be avoided in a similar manner. However, due to the secondary explosions covering a much wider area and lingering after the initial explosion for a few seconds, it's generally better to keep as much distance as possible so as to avoid being forced into a tricky situation with the glitter explosions blocking potential avenues of retreat.
  • Keep your distance to avoid the explosives; although the secondary explosives can and do hurt, they spread out over a fairly wide area. It's possible to dodge the secondary explosive particles, but they do limit the player's available movement options and so can prove very dangerous if other enemies are also nearby.
  • This enemy is as much a danger to itself as it is to you, and will kill itself often with the secondary "glitter" explosives.