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Runestones are physics objects that cause certain effects when activated by the player. They can be found naturally in the world on small pedestals or from Chests. Kicking a runestone will activate it, indicated by circles of magic particles emanating from it. Kicking it again deactivates it. The effects vary, but usually include modifying projectiles that pass through its area of effect. This affects enemy projectiles too, when applicable.

Due to an unknown glitch to do with Runestone probability range being set to 72, the Runestone of Edges is significantly more common than other Runestones to the point of it theoretically being near impossible to find anything other than a Runestone of Edges outside of Chests.


Icon Runestone's Name Effect Activated by Throwing
Item runestone null.png Runestone of Emptiness Projectiles in a short radius disappear. Yes
Item runestone fireball.png Runestone of Fire Projectiles are turned into Fireballs. No
Item runestone laser.png Runestone of Light Projectiles are turned into Concentrated Light. Yes
Item runestone lava.png Runestone of Magma Certain liquids spontaneously convert to Lava.

Liquids may react with the lava they're converted into.

Item runestone slow.png Runestone of Weight Projectiles travel slower. Yes
Item runestone disc.png Runestone of Edges Projectiles are turned into Disc Projectiles. Yes
Item runestone metal.png Runestone of Metal Metals are turned into Poison. Yes


  • Runestones can also be thrown and used for accidental kills in a similar manner as Emerald Tablets.
  • There is a 10% chance for a Runestone to be active upon spawning in
  • Editors' Note: Due to a mistake tests run by Letaali relating to the Runestone of Edges bug, this wiki article had a section about the debate on whether Runestones of Edges were more common than their alternate counterparts, they however soon realised their mistake and I had to erase everything I had just written :')
Exploring each of the Runestones, concentrating on a specific sillyness when two of them are combined - Suffer