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Rotate Towards Foes
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Spell modifiers that redirect projectiles to seek out targets.

Rotate Towards Foes is a modifier that causes projectiles to curve towards enemies similar to Homing. While Homing causes a projectile to accelerate towards its target, Rotate Towards Foes only adjusts the direction an already moving projectile is traveling.


Key differences from Homing

  • Homing "pushes" projectiles towards your enemies, changing the projectile's velocity over time. Rotate Towards Foes adjusts the direction but not the speed of the projectile.
    • Another way to see it is by visualizing Homing as a thruster with the thrust direction constantly pointing to the target, while Rotate Towards Foes is more akin to a car turning its wheels.
  • Notably slow and "heavy" projectiles may have trouble reaching targets above them when they run out of velocity and will lightly bob up and down in mid air for the remainder of their duration if this happens.
  • Since it only "turns" already moving projectiles, Rotate Towards Foes does not cause Static Projectile spells to move.
  • In general, this modifier is most useful with faster spells that would normally overshoot the target when using Homing (see gif below)
  • If you are polymorphed into a creature, by Polymorphine for example, you are counted as an enemy by the game and this will cause your fired projectiles to head for you instead of your targets (if you are closer).


The difference between Homing (first 3 shots) and Rotate Towards Foes (last 3 shots).