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Rigid Bodies are solid objects made of a variety of materials that move separately from the rest game world when physically acted upon.

Rigid Bodies are subtly different from solid material. For example, Spark Bolt is enough to dig through rigid body rock but not solid rock, and Acid will not melt rigid body ice.

List of Rigid Body Objects[]

Object Material(s) Notes
Explosive Barrels Metal, Expels Oil or Toxic Sludge when damaged Explodes when damaged too much. Oil barrels will take damage until exploding when exposed to large amounts of fire.
Explosive Crates Wood Explodes when damaged too much
Gold Nuggets Gold Typically Spawn when an enemy is killed, but can be found through other means such as chests
Ice Ice Only spawns when Non-RigidBody ice is broken.
Lanterns Glass, Fire, And Oil Spawns Throughout The Mines and other Biomes. Produces oil when damaged or destroyed, the amount of which is notably affected by the More Blood perk.
Mine Carts Metal Or Rusted Metal Can be damaged by Spark Bolt.
Nests Rock Typically contains a Worm Egg
Rocks Rock
Ragdolls Meat, Rotten meat, Slimy Meat, or occasionally Rock Dropped when an enemy is killed and is shaped in their likeness.
Wheelbarrows Wood
Wooden Board Wood Spawns when some Non-RigidBody wood (such as vats of liquid) is broken
Waterwheels Wood Are Found Spinning autonomously
Treasure Chests Wood