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The information in this article or section is describing content from the Experimental Beta branch, and is currently not part of the public release version.

This page serves as a home for all the known beta changes in the current up-to-date beta branch of the game. This may include:

  • Changes mentioned in patch notes.
  • Data-mined changes that were excluded from patch notes.
  • Images/gifs of new content.
  • Links to new articles or existing articles that have beta content, to serve as a quick reference when consolidating the information here into patch notes and updating affected articles after the beta content is added back into the main branch of the game.

When adding beta-branch content to any other pages, please place information in a separate section to the rest of the page (don't mix main branch and beta-branch information in the same sections), and ensure the {{beta}} template is added to any page or section that contains information from the beta branch of the game.

For instructions on how to install the beta branch, see How To Play Guide For Noita#Beta.

The official notes are extracted from steamapps\common\Noita\_release_notes.txt.

New FEATUREs are linked.

Latest Beta Patches[edit | edit source]

April 16 2021[edit | edit source]

UPDATE: Steam Cloud - added a warning if the save is too big to sync
UPDATE: Several enemies that used to be immune to freezing and electricity changed to only be immune to the stun, not the damage type

UPDATE: Changed Kills to mana to give a buff effect instead of staining the player with mana-recharge liquid
UPDATE: Increased Close Call's range and critical hit bonus slightly
UPDATE: Personal Plasma Beam now slows down wands significantly less, and stacking it increases the beam length and damage

April 15 2021[edit | edit source]

See Release Notes#Apr 15 2021 - Hotfixes - Updates Merged to main branch.

April 14 2021[edit | edit source]

BUGFIX: Fast travel in PWs is now more stable
BUGFIX: Rare crash in PWs fixed

April 13 2021[edit | edit source]

BUGFIX: Physics body duplication bug should be fixed
BUGFIX: Stability of PWs has been improved

MODDING: Localization - loading translation files now reports errors

April 12 2021[edit | edit source]

UPDATE: Added localization for missing items

BUGFIX: Rare bug in wand code fixed
BUGFIX: Progress achievements sometimes failed
BUGFIX: Typos in few descriptions have been fixed
BUGFIX: Sauvojen Tuntija certain spawn configuration didn't work properly

MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetHerdRelationSafe() 

April 9 2021[edit | edit source]

UPDATE: Added support for 4th and 5th mouse buttons

BUGFIX: Fixed sprites that caused a minor graphics glitch
BUGFIX: Inventory quick keys can now be mouse buttons
BUGFIX: Update available notice should now work
BUGFIX: Removal of the Lukki perk is now fixed
BUGFIX: Too many error messages could have affected performance
BUGFIX: Few rare crashes have been fixed

MODDING: Options / Mod Settings - error spam reduced
MODDING: Lua - added CellFactory_GetTags() 
MODDING: Game now supports a greater number of CameraBounded entities

April 2 2021 - HOTFIXES[edit | edit source]

UPDATE: Rooms holding secret items now look a bit prettier
UPDATE: Explosive Box & Large Explosive Box should now work with more modifiers
UPDATE: Explosive box spells are walk-through again
UPDATE: Summon Rock works with more modifiers
UPDATE: Achievement localizations on Steam and GOG
UPDATE: Buffed a couple enemies slightly

BUGFIX: A miniboss no longer shoots tentacles from [ehm] the wrong place
BUGFIX: Fixed Summon Rock disappearing at the slightest damage
BUGFIX: Fixed certain player spells
BUGFIX: Fixed a broken item room graphic
BUGFIX: Unclickable slot in mod save slot select menu could be mouse focused
BUGFIX: Continue game tooltip was a bit broken
UPDATE: Exploding Gold stacks; the damage increases per stack
UPDATE: Plague Rats stacks, stacking any rat-themed perks increases the amount of rats as well as their HP and damage
UPDATE: Stacking fungal-themed perks increases the amount of mushrooms spawned by Cordyceps
UPDATE: Mournful Spirit can be stacked; stacks increase damage and amount of ghosts per killed enemy

FEATURE: 100% Finnished localization (Options, Language)

MODDING: Mod save slot support - via game_mode_supports_save_slots="1" in mod.xml.

MODDING: Lua API documentation - added a "t" to a word that was missing a "t"