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The Coward (in-game name Raukka) is a Hiisi that spawns in Hiisi Base, Underground Jungle, and The Vault, often in tandem with other enemies in the Hiisi faction.


The Coward does not have any attacks that can directly harm the player. Instead, it flies around following the player firing projectiles near the player that teleports a nearby enemy to the projectile's location. The projectiles it fires can also destroy weak materials.

The Coward also has a protective shield around it.

It has a very low aggression stat, and a single stack of More Love will be enough to make them neutral to the player.


Raukka will not attack the player directly and poses seemingly no harm while no other enemies are nearby. However, it remains a fairly high-priority target as it can relocate enemies from completely unconnected rooms, quickly increasing the number of enemies in the vicinity that must be dealt with.

Its shield functions similarly to the Permanent Shield perk, in that it can be defeated with sustained fire, so a fast-firing wand or explosives can be effective. Attacking it with a tablet or other physics object is also effective.


  • In Finnish, the word "raukka" also refers to a draugr, an undead creature from scandinavian folktale.