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Wild magic that casts other spells at random, either from the wand itself or from a particular subset.

Ignores both mana drain and charges of actual copied spell, and are unlocked by killing Kolmisilmän koipi.

This spell will cast ANY spell with a projectile type for 20 mana. Cast delay and recharge time after use is determined by what spell gets cast.

This only occurs if you cast the spell on its own. If you use a trigger it is not only much safer to use but will negate the cast delay altogether. Spells such as nuke which affect recharge time will apply that effect regardless.


  • This can do quite a lot of damage to an enemy if cast at range.
  • You will want explosion immunity.
  • Copy trail makes this spell immensely powerful as it does not cast copies of this spell but of the created projectile instead, allowing this spell to achieve massive dps.
  • Teleport bolts are also projectile spells so be wary.
  • You will want to have have Teleportitis Dodge and/or a Projectile Repulsion Field or two due to the saw blades that will attempt to chase after you.
  • In theory it is possible to use this as infinite healing from healing bolts but this is terribly unreliable and you'll get yourself killed unless you go very, very slowly.


  • Because all it cares about is spell type, this can cast things that are arguably not projectiles such as Mist of Spirits or spells that do nothing on their own like Chaos Magic.
  • Projectile modifiers do not effect the spell created.